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About Us

Community Health-Prevention, Intervention, Education, & Research (Community Health-PIER) was established in June 2017 as an entity dedicated to increasing health equity in the Mississippi Delta and rural communities throughout Mississippi. Community Health-PIER was founded by a brother and sister team ( Cedric and Gloria Sturdevant) who had witness considerable heath disparities and death from disease that was both treatable and preventable.  

Our goal is to provide the the community with a holistic approach to health and wellness while introducing them to tools and other resources available for the purpose of making healthy choices. Community Health PIER provide a range of services to help the community enhance their knowledge of health service and tool available.  

Our services focused on designing and delivering an innovative range of trainings and programs which includes HIV education and prevention, agriculture and gardening trainings, heart and breast health awareness, business development, personal development, advocacy, culturally competent trainings... and a list of other services and training to help encourage healthy and  thriving communities. 

Providing you with the BEST Prevention Intervention Educational Research!

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