About Us

Community Health-Prevention, Intervention, Education, & Research (Community Health-PIER) was established in June 2017 as an entity dedicated to decreasing health disparities in the Mississippi Delta and rural communities throughout Mississippi. Community Health-PIER services focused on designing and delivering an innovative range of educational and training programs in social policy, research, advocacy, HIV prevention, and public health literacy. Community Health-PIER builds its commitment to decreasing all health disparities among racial and ethnic minority populations. CH-PIER has a wealth of knowledge and experience with HIV plans to address the issues and stigma that black people living with HIV face in the Mississippi Delta, especially black Gay, Bisexual, and Same Gender Loving Men, Transgender, and Gender Non-Conformant Individuals. CH-PIER offers HIV Screenings, linkage to care coordination, prevention intervention services, linkage to PrEP services, and social justice advocacy training for same-gender-loving men. CH-PIER addresses the unmet needs of same-gender-loving individuals in rural communities by providing culturally competent services that address these individuals' unique challenges. As a member of the Mississippi HIV Planning Council, CH-PIER advocates for the rights person living with HIV as well as those marginalized community members in some of the most heavily impacted areas.​

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