Men of Purpose (M.O.P.)

The mission of M.O.P. Program is to create and maintain a safe space, both virtual and physical, where African American men living with HIV can share, discuss, and advocate for issues impacting our community.  We host meetings to present information, engage in community outreach, and host social events designed to enhance the lives of our members.

M.O.P. which focus on four areas; (1) Treatment Education which helps individuals to identify their treatment opinion and build their capacity to reach out to their peers with information on living healthy with HIV, with a special focus on antiretroviral therapy (ART), adherence to ART, treatment as prevention and linkage to care. (2) Peer Navigation which promotes linkage and retention in medical care, help people living with HIV access the healthcare system so they can receive the standard of care in a timely and effective way. (3)  Disclosure which focus on helping people living with HIV determine when, how, and to whom to disclose their status. (4) Advocacy which focuses on empowering individuals to advocate for policy change for people living with HIV and be a part of the decision-making    team and having a seat at the table


The anticipated outcome of this Project is to increase knowledge of HIV primary care, linkage to care and self-efficacy among African American Men Living with HIV in the Mississippi Delta. 

                                  Chat & Chew


Chat & Chew focus on educating and elevating the voices of young Black Gay, Bisexual, Queer and Same Gender Loving Men (GBQ/SGL) through their advocacy and service to the community. Chat & Chew aims to reduce internalized stigma while increasing self-efficacy, self-love and mental health awareness among GBQ/SGL men living with and without HIV. Chat & Chew uses innovative forms of art therapy to allow GBQ/SGL Men to fully express their thoughts.


The anticipate outcome of this program is to increase HIV testing, knowledge   of HIV and PrEP, and reduce internalized stigma within the GBQ/SGL community.